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AirWatch Enterprise Mobility: Configure and Manage On Demand provides insight into the current challenges of enterprise mobility and how AirWatch® can help you solve those challenges. You will gain a comprehensive view of all AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management™ solutions, key device platforms, and an overview of AirWatch architecture. This course provides the foundational skills necessary to manage the AirWatch platform.

AirWatch Enterprise Mobility: Configure and Deploy Integrated Solutions On Demand provides you with the skills required to configure and provision AirWatch cloud deployments. You will cover the enablement of containerized applications, deployment and management of corporate email, and integration with enterprise resources. You will access hands-on labs and learn best practices for mobile deployment, with specific focus on how to deploy and manage AirWatch applications.

Identity Manager Fundamentals overviews VMware Identity Manager™ and explains how it helps with business mobility and application security. This free course also reviews the different solutions that can be integrated with Identity Manager and demonstrates how to deploy and administer it.

VMware Virtual SAN: Deploy & Manage v6 On Demand focuses on preparing you to deploy and manage a software-defined storage solution with VMware® Virtual SAN™ 6, and looks at how Virtual SAN is used as an important component in the VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

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