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VMware vSphere 6.0 U1 and Horizon View 6.2



اعلنت شركة VMware عن تحديثات لتطبيقات رئيسية لديها وذلك بعد انتهاء موتمر ال VMworld 2015 in US

وكما هو متوقع كل عام انهم يعلنون عن التكنولوجيات الجديدة لديهم خلال الموتمر وبعد الموتمر بايام يتم اتاحة هذة التحديثات للجميع


مع انى لم لا ارى تغييرات كبيرة او طفرات فى هذة التحديثات لكن على حال سوف اعرض لكم ما هو الجديد فية نقلا عن الشركة وكيف تقوم بالتحديث


VMware vSphere and vCenter 6.0 U1

هذا يعتبر تحديث فقط لهذا الاصدار الجديد من VMware وهما قاموا باضافة بعض الاشياء البسيطة فية وطبعا عالجوة فية فى نفس الوقت بعض العيب فى الاصدار السابق

This release of VMware ESXi contains the following enhancements:

  • I/O Filter: vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO) provide a framework that allows third parties to create software components called I/O filters. The filters can be installed on ESXi hosts and can offer additional data services to virtual machines by processing I/O requests that move between the guest operating system of a virtual machine and virtual disks.
  • Exclusive affinity to additional system contexts associated with a low-latency VM: This release introduces a new VMX optioncpu.latencySensitivity.sysContexts to address issues on vSphere 6.0 where most system contexts are still worldlets. The Scheduler utilizes thesched.cpu.latencySensitivity.sysContexts option for each virtual machine to automatically identify a set of system contexts that might be involved in the latency-sensitive workloads. For each of these system contexts, exclusive affinity to one dedicated physical core is provided. The VMX optionsched.cpu.latencySensitivity.sysContexts denotes how many exclusive cores a low-latency VM can get for the system contexts.
    ESXi Authentication for Active Directory:ESXi is modified to only support AES256-CTS/AES128-CTS/RC4-HMAC encryption for Kerberos communication between ESXi and Active Directory.
  • Support for SSLv3: Support for SSLv3 has been disabled by default. For further details,
  • Stretched Clusters: Virtual SAN 6.0 Update 1 supports stretched clusters that span geographic locations to protect data from site failures or loss of network connection.

From the Release notes of vCenter server:

What’s New

  • Customer Experience Improvement Program: The Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) provides VMware with information that enables VMware to improve the VMware products and services and to fix problems. When you choose to participate in CEIP, VMware will collect technical information listed below about your use of the VMware products and services in CEIP reports on a regular basis. This information does not personally identify you. For more details,
  • Feature Enhancement: Suite UI is now enabled by default for the vSphere Web Client.
  • Support for SSLv3: Support for SSLv3 has been disabled by default.
  • vCSA Authentication for Active Directory: VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) has been modified to only support AES256-CTS/AES128-CTS/RC4-HMAC encryption for Kerberos authentication between vCSA and Active Directory.
  • Installation and Upgrade using HTML 5 installer: The following installation and upgrade scenarios are supported for vCenter Server using HTML 5 installer:
    • Installation using HTML 5 installer and target as vCenter Server is supported
    • Upgrade using HTML 5 installer and target as vCenter Server is not supported
    • Upgrade using command line and target as vCenter Server is supported

VMware Horizon View 6.2

يعتبر هذا التطبيق الخاص ب ال VDI من انشط التطبيقات التى تتطور بسرعة وكل عام يتم عمل عدة تحديثات لها ويحدث فيها اضافات كبيرة واليكم ما هو الجديد فى هذا التحديث الجديد

What’s new in VMware Horizon View 6.2?

  • Windows 10
    • Windows 10 is supported as a desktop guest operating system
    • Horizon Client runs on Windows 10
    • Smart card is supported on Windows 10
    • The View User Profile Migration tool migrates Windows 7, 8/8.1, Server 2008 R2, or Server 2012 R2 user profiles to Windows 10 user profiles.
  • RDS Desktops and Hosted Apps
  • View Composer. View Composer and linked clones provide automated and efficient management of RDS server farms.
  • Graphics Support. Existing 3D vDGA and GRID vGPU graphics solutions on VDI desktops have been extended to RDS hosts, enabling graphics-intensive applications to run on RDS desktops and Hosted Apps.
  • Enhanced Load Balancing. A new capability provides load balancing of server farm applications based on memory and CPU resources.
  • One-Way AD Trusts
    One-way AD trust domains are now supported. This feature enables environments with limited trust relationships between domains without requiring View Connection Server to be in an external domain.
  • Cloud Pod Architecture (CPA) Enhancements
    • Hosted App Support. Support for application remoting allows applications to be launched using global entitlements across a pod federation.
    • HTML Access (Blast) Support. Users can use HTML Access to connect to remote desktops and applications in a Cloud Pod Architecture deployment.
  • Virtual SAN 6.1
    • All-Flash support (Requires vSphere 6.0)
    • Stretched cluster support
  • Access Point Integration
    Access Point is a hardened Linux-based virtual appliance that protects virtual desktop and application resources to allow secure remote access from the Internet. Access Point provides a new authenticating DMZ gateway to View Connection Server. Smart card support on Access Point is available as a Tech Preview. Security server will continue to be available as an alternative configuration. For more information,
  • FIPS
    Install-time FIPS mode allows customers with high security requirements to deploy Horizon 6.
  • Graphics Enhancements
    • AMD vDGA enables vDGA pass-through graphics for AMD graphics hardware.
    • 4K resolution monitors (3840×2160) are supported.
  • View Administrator Enhancements
    • View Administrator shows additional licensing information, including license key, named user and concurrent connection user count.
    • Pool creation is streamlined by letting View administrators clone existing pools.
  • Horizon 6 for Linux Desktop Enhancements
    Several new features are supported on Horizon 6 for Linux desktops, including NVIDIA GRID vGPU, vSGA, RHEL 7.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 guest operating systems, and View Agent installation of JRE 8 with no user steps required.



بالنسبة لطريقة عمل update لهذة الاصدارات الجديدة يمكن عمل ذلك بطريقتين ان تقوم بتحميل ال Full software وتعمل بعمل install ليهم ودة ينفع فى التطبيقين السابقين

او تقوم بتجميل التحديث فقط وعمل لها install على ال current setup ودة ينفع مع ال vSphere and vCenter

ويمكن معرفة الخطوات بالظبط عن طريقة مشاهدة كورس ال upgrade and update vSphere 6 وهو كورس فيديو من 3 اجزاء ومنشور على الموقع


اى شخص ممكن يعمل download لهذة التحديثات مجانا من خلال موقع الشركة

وبالتوفيق للجميع

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